When teachers tease!

You’ll all know when you are getting picked on by a teacher when….

1.   you raise your hand high to answer a question you know but the teacher seems to be  ignoring you and listening to all the others except you!

2.   the teacher picks you to answer the question first when you have no clue what the answer is!

3.   you get snide remarks like “whatcha looking at me for???”when the whole class is STARING at her…

4.   the whole class giggles when they find the teacher staring at me while I’m at work !

5.   she tells only you to keep quiet when the whole class is literally SCREAMING!

So those are the symptoms of the teacher teasing you!!




  1. Malu Said:

    Hi Sujan,

    good that you have started to blog ….Happy Blogging and an excellent first attempt!!

  2. Prarthana Said:

    Thats such a cute post!!
    I’ll definitely ask some of my friends to see it.. then you’ll have bog buddies 🙂
    Now can I expect decent comments on my posts for you to get some for me?? Huh, huh?? 😉

  3. Kaddu Said:

    Hi Sujanya!
    I’m prarthana’s friend Kadambari. Just wanted 2 say-nice blog!!! And I really like this post. Happy blogging!!

  4. Kaddu Said:

    oh…and really cute pic!!!:)

  5. sujanya Said:

    hi Kadambari! i have heard alot about u from my sis and more thing did she really show u my embarassing video??? :$ and thank u ya i found it very facsinating…. hahahaha 😛

  6. kaddhu Said:

    ya…she showed me….not jus 1……but they’re really cute videos!!!

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